Package Design

As part of the rebranding process, I led packaging redesign (from raw design to order details) for Fonté Coffee Roaster. This package is a product of our owner’s vision, the roaster’s production needs, and company branding direction. (We are in the process of transitioning to this new packaging.) The new product design reflects the branding vision of offering a luxury product experience — from shopping to brewing.

The preceding packaging lacked the modern sophistication of the company’s new vision. Details such as tasting notes and bean origins were omitted. This redesign fills such voids to increase customer-product connection.



Label colors assigned based off coffee category: blends (red), decaffeinated (silver), special selections (gold), and single origins (orange, green, blue, purple based on sourced region). Pantone Metallic Coated color family chosen for lavish feel and finesse.

Photos by Steve Hansen Images

Click here to see more branding projects for Fonté.


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