Adventure. My first trip west generated an unfamiliar adrenaline; the trees triggered an unwavering smile and the moon meant the night just began. From that summer on, I continued to find adventure in everyday experiences. This new outlook sped me through college academics and athletics, resulting in plenty of exploits along the way.

I honed essential talent, skill and culture in Grand Rapids as the editor of a Michigan publication called Women’s LifeStyle Magazine. During my time at the magazine, the concept of collaboration, community and engagement resonated with my daily lifestyle and aided in forming my method to navigating through life’s endless opportunities.

My feats finally led me back West (for good this time). I am currently the marketing and branding manager at Fonté Coffee Roaster in Seattle and a freelance designer, writer, editor, and photographer. I aim to share moments, stories, and your brand while capturing the adventure within your journey.