Panorama Global Branding + Design

Working client Panorama Global is launching an initiative named Vantage (preliminarily Helping Workers Thrive at Through partnership with The Good Lemon, I am assisting Panorama as they release new documents and branding for Vantage. (Due to the on hold period before transition to wrap up current projects, social channels profiles, website title, and branding materials are currently unbranded with Vantage.)

Projects include:

Brand Guide - US Paid LeaveVantage Logo Ideation-02Nestle Twitter 3Nestle Twitter 2

Hospitality Brochure

When I arrived at Fonté, there were little resources that smoothed our wholesale account sales process. I created this brochure (created for print, 9.5×6 inches printed on thick, matte 100# paper for a soft, luxury feel) for potential customers and current customers looking to educate their business leaders on our coffee product and service.

Click here for the PDF version of Fonté Coffee Hospitality Brochure, and click here for a full digital experience.

Package Design

As part of the rebranding process, I led packaging redesign (from raw design to order details) for Fonté Coffee Roaster. This package is a product of our owner’s vision, the roaster’s production needs, and company branding direction. (We are in the process of transitioning to this new packaging.) The new product design reflects the branding vision of offering a luxury product experience — from shopping to brewing.

The preceding packaging lacked the modern sophistication of the company’s new vision. Details such as tasting notes and bean origins were omitted. This redesign fills such voids to increase customer-product connection.



Label colors assigned based off coffee category: blends (red), decaffeinated (silver), special selections (gold), and single origins (orange, green, blue, purple based on sourced region). Pantone Metallic Coated color family chosen for lavish feel and finesse.

Photos by Steve Hansen Images

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