I embrace narration and encourage effective, efficient diction. I follow AP stylebook guidelines, yet seek original syntax, pensive adjectives, and potent communication. I believe every style of writing can be perfected and appreciated, therefore I always preserve a writer’s voice when editing. My writing and editing experience covers nearly all topics: features, profiles, fashion pieces, community engagement, pre and post event coverage, brand and product copy, travel features, informative lists, interview style and more.

I have a natural eye for composition and light, and seek to find the captured moment I envision. I love candids, conceptual captures, and anything nature or travel related that resonates strongly with an audience or the brand in mind. I’m experienced in event, brand, and travel photography.

For print/layout design, I appreciate simplicity with a clean edge. I aim to focalize one creative touch, accentuating that unique addition throughout with subtle correlation (for Women’s LifeStyle Magazine, I must stay within the publisher’s style guidelines, which limits my creativity a bit). Photography is critical in unifying the copy to the audience; without effective photography, a layout is unpolished. In client work, I always consider their needs and practicalities first, then incorporate my personal touch to their overall desired presentation.