Panorama Global

Panorama Global, an action take that catalyzes solutions for some of the world’s priority issues, was seeking a brand launch for one of their projects called Their initiative helps educate employers across the nation about the impacts, benefits, and strategies to implementing Paid Family and Medical Leave (PFML).

Hired as a third party designer for The Good Lemon (TGL), I worked both directly with Panorama as well as through TGL for three main assignments for this project: a brief brand identity, a templated website launch, and two resource PDF reports. I was assigned with branding, imagery, information organization, and layout design for these projects. Creating simple, image-forward design and digestible process steps and integration maps was essential.

I pitched a brief brand guide to them regarding style and persona for the entire US Paid Leave initiative — and once approved, began transferring content and chosen imagery to a templated website. The report designs followed once the online brand presence was solidified. Panorama and I worked together to finalize sections, graphs, and pull quotes and statistics. 


Templated website for

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