Below are three recently published pieces I’ve written that demonstrate my competency in creative writing and editing. I began my career in journalism and publishing, and was introduced to layout design while holding a position as an editor for a magazine. Since, I’ve developed my design skillset and have primarily focused on bringing graphic and artistic elements to storytelling, but still hold passion and interest in copywriting and written word.

Higher Ground – Patagonia, The Cleanest Line

A story that documents Drew and Sarah Hulsey’s journey in discovering that climbing was for them. When they first started rock climbing, they were the only larger-bodied climbers that they knew of. But by embracing their stoke and discovering courage in vulnerability, they’ve since built a climbing community that encourages all bodies to give it a try. Photo by Austin Siadak.

Seeing Circuits – Bouldering Project

Written to complement the rollout of a circuit training program at Bouldering Project, Seeing Circuits is a piece meant to inform climbers of the why and how of circuit setting in the gym, as well as profiling sponsored athlete and head setter Nathan Hadley. Nathan shares his perspective on circuits and its contribution to the development of training and performance in climbing. Photo by Andrew Burton / Duct Tape Then Beer.

Creating in Tokyo – Bouldering Project

For this piece, I sat down with Garrett Gregor, Director of Setting at Bouldering Project, to talk about setting and climbing as he was getting ready to head out to Tokyo, where he’d set some of the first climbs that would define climbing as an Olympic sport. Photo by Jon Glassberg, Louder Than 11.