DPIC Annual Report

The Death Penalty Information Center (DPIC) is a non-profit organization providing analysis and information concerning capital punishment. In this project, I assisted them in preparing an in-depth, 85-page educational and statistical report about secrecy, transparency, and arbitrariness in America’s capital punishment.

Three major factors contributed to this project’s scope: the massive breadth of information and copy for the report, the low-quality images that I had access to, and the momentous index and references section. This meant layout design was of utmost importance (statistical organization and representation, turning a sea of copy into engaging sections). And due to the contentious nature of the subject and global reach of their reports, accuracy and tact were required. Both a print version and interactive digital version were requested. (Please note that I did not design the cover pages — only the TOC and internal content spreads)

The DPIC provided me with the finalized file of copy, which identified potential information to highlight and what sections needed maps, charts, or graphs. I created a 5-page draft to pitch font and color choices and layout design components (such as page numbering, pull-out quotes, and chart style). Once approved, I designed the entire document (without index), collaborating directly with them for drafts of the maps, charts, and imagery. The digital and interactive index was added last.